Why Use A Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner?

Many residential and commercial pool owners consider robotic pool cleaners their best tool in the pool. Independent research firm Transparency Market Research Inc. reports more than $626.5 million in robotic pool cleaner sales around the world in 2021, with sales expected to increase to $1.3 billion by 2031. According to the study, robotic cleaners are becoming more popular in both the residential and commercial sectors because they offer precise cleaning and require less human involvement. 

Recently, industry authority David Van Brunt discussed robotic pool cleaners on his Pool Guy Podcast show with Sean McDermott, director of sales for RefurbPoolBots.com and BWT Pool Products US.


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Here are additional questions you may have about our robotic cleaners — with insights on why these will be great products for you:

Are refurbished robots reliable, quality cleaners?

Absolutely, and BWT stands behind our refurbished robots with a full manufacturer’s warranty! Ours are each fully tested, assured by BWT’s technicians to be in original working condition, and confirmed to include all original parts and accessories. Your refurbished robotic cleaner will ship with the power supply, brand-new filters, and any supporting documentation that would normally accompany a new unit — plus a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return window to ensure you’re satisfied. 

Is DIY easier with a robotic pool cleaner?

Definitely. Let’s face it, nobody wants to clean their own pool. But a robotic pool cleaner keeps quality control and scheduling closer to home than with a pool cleaning company or pool cleaning contractors. Eliminating variables and nagging maintenance work while remaining in control is every pool owner’s goal.

Are robotic pool cleaners environmentally friendly?

Regular filtration systems require a constant power source, which wastes energy and increases carbon footprints. Robotic cleaners help in this area because they do not require a running pool pump while cleaning. They also help reduce the use of pool chemicals, the production of which carry significant carbon impacts and can be pricey over the lifetime of your pool. Additionally, BWT’s Smart Navigation optimizes the pool cleaning path, resulting in faster pool cleanings that use a lot less energy.

How efficient are robotic pool cleaners?

Robotic pool cleaners do a tremendous job of cleaning the pool membrane, thus reducing bacterial buildup and debris that otherwise require more chemicals. Additionally, BWT’s patented Smart Navigation system optimizes the pool cleaning path, resulting in quick, efficient cleanings. Cleaner pools make for happier guests, but the mechanical and electronic systems that run your pool will appreciate the work your robotic cleaner does, too. 

Are robotic pool cleaners automatic?

A quality robotic pool cleaner can clean the floor, sides, and stairs of a pool. Advanced features include mapping and advanced intelligence like BWT’s Smart Navigation to address your overall cleaning area. Programmable timers also enable daily or weekly schedules — just set it and forget it while your robot does the work.


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